Last night, Emily, Mario, Priscilla, Lizette and I went to the parade/party/human crush in West Hollywood. It was a lot of fun for me, but I didnt work all day and then have to rush home to dress up. There were plenty of great costumes, tons of people thronging about, some bands whose names I already forget, and Kevin Federline getting booed on stage just as we were walking by. It was intense.

On the way home, I came as close as Ive ever come to running out of gas. The car was actually coughing and sputtering as I was pushing it gently up a huge hill, so I stopped, turned around and coasted back down the hill and to a parking spot. I didnt actually run out, but dayum was I close. Then Mario accompanied me to the gas station where I paid $20 for a 2-gallon bottle and $5.00 for 2 gallons of gas. $12.50/gallon is quite a few bucks.

We managed to make it home safely, and then I couldnt fall asleep, which was dumb, then this morning at 5:05am my eyes snapped open and here I am, 5 hours later, already getting tired from the day. That said, Ive already worked for 3 hours and am getting ready to go out on errands so I can pay some bills. Fun is the life of Matt.