I think Ive been fighting a cold or something because everything was tough this weekend. I didnt even get to see Russ because I couldnt imagine how Id make the trek from Bay Ridge and then the trek back afterwards. In some respects, it was just like when I *lived* in Bay Ridge. Mostly, though, the trip was productive. I worked some and watched the Eagles lose again (heartbreaking and really pointless, given that they completely outplayed whoever it was…), and then I worked some more. I got to stay two nights with Mike and Heather, so we got to spend some quality time. I even played MK7, which has almost every MK character ever on it. Amazing.

I got back at 1am last night to a message on my cell phone asking if I could work today, so of course I said yes and of course today turned out to be an awful day. The truck broke down because the asshole before me put Gas in the auxiliary tank that was supposed to have Diesel. The liftgate didnt work, either. Retarded.

Whatever, I needed the work, and Im going to try to get as much work done as humanly possible over the next couple weeks. Of course, Im also trying to get FULL TIME employment, but that dream remains elusive. For now. Things are looking up, though, at least on some fronts.

More later.