I finally got our pictures back up on Clapboard!

When we switched from the dying PHPNuke, I lost a lot of the functionality of the old site, and somehow today I managed to fix both the pictues and the Last Seen Block. I know no one else can see it yet, but Im working on that, too. In other site news, the summers visits were way down, and that always makes me sad, but I think my general page views year in and year out are about even. Summers are always slow. Fall picks up again for some reason, and fall is here. Time to put interesting content on Clapboard, I think. MySpace hasnt really helped much, unfortunately, so I think Im going to strip that down yet further and add another link or two to Clapboard. Anyway, thats all the Clapboard news thats fit to print, I think.

If your picture isnt on here yet, send me something – at the moment, I have to add the pics manually, but I can do it pretty fast. If I have to, Ill also resize the pics – Im trying to stay at 120×160 like the picture of me here.