Well, Ive finally done it. I finished the first draft of my latest screenplay, and it feels good to have not only typed “The End” but to have actually meant it.


Im going to sit on the thing for a week, not read or write it at all, and then consider the second draft maybe at the beginning of next week.

In other news, this is the “super cube” that I drove all day yesterday. Ill be doing it again on Sunday, so thats fun, right? Its a job, even if its going backwards, professionally-speaking, I guess. I can certainly use the money. I have a bunch of MWS stuff to do today, as well as three scripts to read, so thatll be something, too. I think Ill bring my laptop tomorrow and read scripts wherever I find myself, if I get the time. No Eagles, but I can root for them despite not being in front of the screen….