Ladies and Gentlemen, Casey has left the building.

So begins the fall. Time to rebuild a lot of things, relationships, jobs, plans, etc., has all begun officially today. Im going to miss having Casey around, thats for sure.

It was a really great summer of trips and hanging out at home, eating out and eating in, having visitors and hanging around just us two. The falls going to have to work pretty hard to avoid being overshadowed by the now-history summer.

Writing, working, organizing, moving things around, cleaning up – these are the un-fun things on my list for the next few days. Hopefully, we can nail down an interview or two at least as well. Well see.

I also just want to thank everyone who helped make this summer so fun – everyone who accepted Casey into my life and our lives without hesitation. Whether getting out to the beach or heading over to Good Neighbor, we always managed to have a good time, interesting conversations and memorable ideas. Thanks everybody!