Were back – we thrived and survived!

A whirlwind trip, to be sure, but it was awesome. Zion was, by far, the more memorable of the two places, but I think thats largely because Ive been to Vegas before, and because Zion was so massive and so real. “Real” seems like an odd description, but its a weird comparison with the sculpted artifice of Vegas anyway.

Ive put up another series of photos in the photo album (link to the left under “Community”), and in the album are 75 photos, most of which are from Zion. Photos of rocks and canyons dont come out nearly as well as Id like them to ever, but they do give you a decent idea of how great the vistas must have been.

The trip to the park has given me the idea to go to different parks and such once a month or once every six weeks or so to hike and camp and generally have the good sense to disconnect from the LA lifestyle. Well see – Im looking into which parks might work out – which arent too far from LA and which have campsites and attractions that would work. Zion is definitely on the list of places to go – 6 or 6.5 hours from LA is probably my limit – far, but not too far to do for one night if you have a group of dedicated people.

Note: if you tried to view the pics and had trouble, I fixed the database issue from earlier. Sorry bout that. Everythings workin now.