Some random notes about the state of things:

  • Mom is coming Thursday
  • Drew is coming Friday
  • Vegas & Zion this weekend
  • Casey is working nights for the next couple days
  • My house is a mess
  • Its new-release day and today is a huge one
  • Editing the thing I shot last week starts today

Im really excited for Mom & Drew at the same time – not that I have anything officially planned, but I think there might be at least some beach time. Also, theres going to be Vegas & Zion (for which I have yet to plan anything official, but today and tomorrow are there for that), and Im psyched about both. So it should be a good weekend.

Today is also New Release Tuesday, and today is a special day – today is the day that Animaniacs is released on DVD! The first offering is 25 episodes from the first season (99 episodes in season one, I think), and included are some great episodes. Despite my excitement, Ill refrain from listing the individual shows, so suffice it to say that today is a great day in the history of DVD sales.

Thats it for now – Im off to continue some work on MWS items that need photos, corrections and the like. Without them, Id starve, and starving sucks. Job hunt begins again in earnest next week, too.