Sometimes I really feel like its just pure luck that people dont come to my house and demand money, and when I dont give it to them, call up Experian and tell them that Im a deadbeat. Its so easy for a company to damage the credit of an individual that Im thinking about forming a company just to do that. Like a mob protection racket, only with an LLC. I bet youd get like a 90% compliance rate if you worded your requests right. In no time, you could be a player big enough to be above the law and even if someone did manage to find a judge that I couldnt buy (unlikely), Id still avoid any real penalties. Id be like the Enron guys – more time to play golf (or in my case, Volleyball), on interest earned from stolen money.

Can you tell that I just got off the phone with AT&T collections? They were basically saying “yeah, you owe us $500, nevermind that you didnt agree to the charges. Pay up or well wreck your credit.” In my younger days, I would have said a hearty “fuck you” to the whole company and never again ordered phone service. Since 2006 is “clean up the credit” year, I cant well do that, I dont think, so I paid, and “trust” my dispute letters will earn me back some of the money that I dont think I owe. Its not even like I dont want to pay all of it – just what they TOLD me I didnt have to pay. Is that so much to ask?

Anyway, Im annoyed, so I thought Id pass that along. Happy June. July is soon, and maybe Ill get some money back. Maybe.