Heres the rundown:

  • Party: good, but with caveat.
    • Caveat: Almost none of my invited friends showed up. Some
      even said theyd come. The two with the courtesy to let me know
      they werent coming did so with text message. Weak. At
      least Priscillas friends showed up.

  • Emilys Arrival: 11pm on Saturday. We managed to do
    nothing for most of Sunday because of it, but its good that shes in
  • BootieLA: Awesome, as always. Chatted with MysteriousD, who
    told me that they were working on starting a monthly in NYC. New
    York would eat that shit up, and especially because its totally an
    unplayed genre there now.

Otherwise, things are fine. I cant get DSL because AT&T says
I owe money for a DSL installation that I dont owe money for.
$400 is too much money to pay for a service I was promised would be
free, and too much to pay for them to release my phone number from
their queue. I may never again be able to get DSL, in fact.
Yeesh. In Clapboard news, we had 350 signups over the weekend –
it appears that someone figured out how to automate the process,
despite the checks that are in place for new accounts. Looks like
upgrading to version 8.0 will have to wait until I know that its a
more secure system. I dont think they managed to do any damage
or send any spam, but well see.

Thats it. Now Im just waiting for this gig to get finished so I
can play more and work on tech stuff that Im not paying enough
attention to.