This is the era of sharing, of networked ideas and information, of
social bookmarking and bookmarked social events, so heres a list of
sites in whose content Im currently participating. Are you
involved with something that Im missing? Something better?
Have you seen HSX? Am I alone in obsessing about the relative
correctness of my list on It drives me crazy that some
acts are so under or over-represented, but I dont know how to
fix the tags on my older MP3s so theyll process correctly on the
newfangled websites.
This is the one getting all the attention because its got the kind of
heat from the same kind of people that made AOL the machine of mediocrity
that it was 10 years ago. Bought not too long ago by the fair and balanced right-wing propoganda
machine News Corp., MySpace is no doubt teetering on the edge of Friendster-oblivion,
whether it knows it yet or not. I dont care – another thing will pop up and no one will notice the transition.

the Hollywood Stock Exchange
Fictional investments in real movies? Competetion? The potential
to feel rich even though Im typing this by punching used 3×5 cards
and feeding them into a recycled telegraph machine because thats
all I could afford off eBay? Sign me directly the hell up! Ive actually
been playing for years now, and I go in and out of active duty with
it because the game can be so fun, but so consuming. Its best as
a social activity, so you can ask "hey, what do you think of
THE BLACK DAHLIA at $26.36?" and get an answer from someone that
might care. I cant link you to my portfolio, but I can tell you that
Im flicman (shock!) and if you play, add me to your team or whatever
its called, and tell me, so I can add you back.
Tracking what you listen to (if you let it), promises to
be your best friend as far as recommendations go. I dont give a shit
what they recommend or what people I dont know are listening to,
but the matching service does tend to put me "near" people
whose musical tastes are similar to mine, and I see things on their
list that make me go "oh yeah! lemme go get THAT to listen to!"
Totally worth it, unless you have Krol nearby. Hes like the human
version of
Interested in what interests me? Social Bookmarking is for you!
I use delicious to keep track of things that I might not want crowding
my "regular" bookmarks but that I might want to access from
someone elses computer in a "hey, this is a cool link"
sort of way.

Im not an active member of any boards anymore, although I frequent
quite a few. Some, like the Ninja250
board, Im new to, but others Ive been visiting for years. Some have
even gone private. Go figure. I miss Film411 and the way that board
worked, but as we grow up, our interests change, as do our boards.

Am I missing anything? This looks pretty complete…. Thoughts?