Ive been totally unmotivated at work these last few days and Im not
sure why. Some of it is definitely inertia, what with NOTHING going on
in the office, so its like I have unimaginable time ahead of me to do
things, when really, im just losing invaluable minutes by the
thousands that I can never get back. I think its also partially
because I dont know who to fight
first. I have United to complain to, Verizon to try to fight,
some other airline that stranded us in Atlanta… the list goes on and
on. Im going to try to focus a little today, though, and write
my letter to United at least, and then to write a little of my
screenplay. I have some work to be doing, too, so Ill probably
mess with some of that, too. Not before I catch up on e-mails,
reading web sites and MySpace (he said, admitting that the next few
hours will be spent fucking around). Geh.

Yesterday was a Robert Rodriguez movie marathon that spanned most of
the almost-rainy day. Today its raining again, so we were a bit
early on that front, but not too early. The one day I least
wanted it to rain in years and here I am. Sheesh. Last
night we overcame inertia and went to Howl at the Moon, so that was
fun. It was packed there – maybe the new Sunday night place to
be. Then again, maybe just a fluke.

Saturday, however, we managed to take advantage of the nice weather
(maybe we willed it to be nice by sheer force of being sick of shitty
weather) and went to the beach to play volleyball. Casey whooped
my ass good – Im still sore. Man, getting old can really be
lame. Shes promised to play with me more, though, so maybe Ill
get in shape. Not unless I drink less beer and eat less
chocolate, but whatever, thats what tomorrow is for.

Anyway, I have more to write but this is a good start. Happy Monday.