Casey at Griffith Park

Casey at Griffith ParkCasey
got here on Tuesday morning, and ever since, weve been running around,
doing things and just generally hanging out, trying to take advantage
of the fact that I have some time off and shes not started her job
yet. Tomorrow night, we leave for Philly/Syracuse, where Emily
will be graduating, and then from there well go back and spend a day
in Glen Mills before coming back here and actually tackling the grind
of living and working in LA. Yesterday, we even went to
Universal, determining that its even an easy walk, should we want to
do it and not pay the $10 for parking.

Yesterday was also the six-year anniversary of my dads passing, and I
tried to spend it outside, active, busy, mostly because thats what he
liked – spending time outdoors, getting some sun. Also, it never
hurts to be busy. The last six years have made the surreal banal
somehow, and its something that were still living with every day as a
family. Itll be good to see everyone this weekend.

No more down note – today is errands and lounging around.  Gotta
look for furniture for Emilys room, too.  Sound like fun?  I
think so.