Just wanted to wish everyone out there a happy 3.14. In nine years, if you agree to separate the date with dots and not slashes, itll be 3.14.15. Anyway, I have nothing else to say about my extreme geekery.

I drove some new Land Rover just now, picking up a rental for Ryan. I wish I could have ripped out all the engine soundproofing and installed a nice straight chrome pipe to really let the big V8 breathe, because you could hear it under there just trying to assert itself. Stupid luxury cars and their stupid refinements. I drove a 12-year-old jeep today, trying to see what its potential problems may be and whether I can fix them. So far, it seems about 50/50 with ones I can fix and ones I cant. Nothing major, it seems like, and thats good. Ill post pics when I get some time in the light. Steph and I did the initial maintenance in the middle of the night last night – at 11:30, were rolling around the driveway trying to find leaks. It was awesome. Then, crack of dawn today, same deal, jumpstarting, finagling, etc. Now well see about getting the oil changed.

Happy Pi day!  Also, for the record, some people are trying to co-opt PI day (conveniently one month after Valentines Day) as a holiday for boys – Steak and Blow Job day.  If Valentines Day is about girls getting romantic gifts and thoughtful sentiments, there should be a day, these people think, where boyfriends are afforded some of what they really want, free of the standard rules of the rest of the year.  So ladies, take your men out for steaks.