Im exhausted and harried because Im already running later than Id
like, but being in New York for the weekend was really fun when it
wasnt hard work crawling around on the floor or suspending myself from
pipes trying to run cable. Most of the best stuff that I did is
intentionally invisible, which is an interesting feeling. Going
out-wise, Russ & I did Underbar on Thursday with Jarrod and Kim RA,
mostly stayed close to home on Friday with the Murray Hill Pub Crawl
(mostly initiated by the fact that SLP was coming to town), then did a
truncated tour of the Village after an aborted attempt to get grilled
cheese on Saturday. By Saturday night, though, everyone was
pretty tired, so it was pretty laid-back as far as nights out drinking
in the Village go.

I slept both ways on the plane, which was sweet because Im a little
more rested than I might be otherwise for my upcoming full week of
Relativity. Mostly this week I have to figure out moving.
Thats going to involve a lot of packing and talking to landlords old
and new. W00t.

Gotta go to work.