Whats the statute of limitations on making New Years Resolutions? I didnt have time to breathe before the new year, so now that were a few days in (and Im back at work), I can start to sort out the things that have been nagging at me. Whats a resolution anyway? To me, it feels like it has to be a verb of some sort – something you can do, some action you can take to move yourself in an intended direction. I mean, I guess “make movies” is a fine resolution, but it may be too generic. I think I have to focus on that general idea and take a kernel or two of what that is and focus on doing that. What would make me a better filmmaker? What would better position me to make good films? What would make me a more attractive candidate for hiring onto a project or into a company that makes the kind of movies that interest me (which will, in turn, give me experience that will make me a better filmmakker)?

Here are some things Im thinking about:

  • Pop Culture

    Im woefully ignorant of television, especially, but just missing plenty of stuff. What does that mean? Does it translate readily into a verb that I can use for a resolution? I think it does. Watch more TV. Read magazines. I want to make a list of what I should try to watch by the end of the week. I want your opinions! The only rule: Im not watching reality TV.

  • Socialization
  • Like Van Damme says in HARD TARGET (which was a brilliant film, by the way), “You have to work smarter, not harder.” Im not quite there yet with how to do it, but Id like to cultivate professional relationships with people who are more successful than I am. Its not difficult to find those people, but it is difficult to maintain those relationships. No need to constantly be going out, spinning my wheels all the time – just need to focus and make the meetings matter.

    I dont know what else, but shooting something should be on there. I managed to keep my meager resolution for 2005 (write zero screenplays), so I think I can be more daring this year. What else would make me a more attractive candidate for film work? What else would help me grow as a filmmaker? 2006 can be about good things, but I have to make it happen – it aint happening on its own.

    Anyone else have any interesting resolutions? Un-interesting resolutions? Ideas for TV shows I should watch? I might have to get TiVo to watch things, or else there will be a lot of downloaded TV, I think.