I didn’t get to leave work early today. I didnt even get to leave on time. I left late from my last day of work because one of my coworkers decided that today was “get everything that Ive been avoiding done” day and kept shunting things off on me. Also, they didn’t give me a bonus. Someone else got a bonus, but come time to give them to the rest of the company, the purse strings close. Whatever – its time for a new job anyway. All this means is that there’s zero “above and beyond” ever. Lunch hour? Fuck yeah. Every day. Seven PM closing? Absolutely. Let the phones ring.

With the exception of last night and my long-planned night off, this whole week blew. Today was just the extra point of lousy on a lousy six-point week, and here I sit, only wanting to sleep, with laundry in the washer and nothing packed. I have an invite to go over to Geisha House tonight for a drink. Think Ill go? Its only a block from my house. Are we placing bets? I’m a friggin’ tool.

Tomorrow, I drive to the airport and try to get out of this funk in time to have a merry and joyous holiday – all five days of it. Then Casey comes, which will be cool, too. Weve officially got New Years Plans, which cost an arm and a leg, but call it Christmas present, I guess. Itll be fantastic to have CJ here for a few days – more uninterrupted time than we’ve had together since the summer. Sometimes the ironies of life just stick it in and break it off, huh?

Im going to quit while I’m not ahead, lest I get further behind. After I’m done eating a few forkfuls of this rice (I cant eat it all – I’m too fucked up from last night still), I’m going to clean my room some (pshaw) and then fold the shit out of some laundry. Then I can pack, then I can finish cleaning, then I can sleep.