To call the weekend low-key would be a gross understatement. I managed to see a couple cool movies and drink beer and watch football, even. The Eagles lost, but only barely, and when their 3rd string holds on so well against the #1 team in the division, its a sad state of affairs for the whole NFC east. Oh why, NFC east, why must you suck? Where are the 80s and 90s when it was NFC East or nothing?

I saw Walk the Line and Aeon Flux this weekend, which barely put a dent in the number of movies that I desperately need to see. If I see two movies this week and another two next weekend and two the week after that, I might just about be caught up for the Christmas releases that I want to see. Okay, no I wont. If I dont keep up with them, movies just get away from me.

While I sat in the Pig & Whistle having a beer and a spring roll, I was approached by a couple from Mexico City who were looking for, as best as I could figure it, a burlesque club where they could go take pictures of “beautiful women taking their clothes off.” I tried “strip club” first, but they were looking for more arty and high concept than that. I was chagrinned to tell them that I had no idea where to send them. I did advise that they check across the street at the Erotic Museum. What a weird world.

Now its already Monday afternoon (shock!) and Ive done exactly nothing to further my shopping agenda nor my writing agenda. I have, however, rescheduled the drinks I skipped on Friday (Im such a flake) for tonight, so thats good. Maybe hes sitting on a hot property that I can connect with buyers and earn some cash that way. Im such a hustler – why do they all have to be long shots? Weak.

And that is how you update about nothing.