Notes from yet another unfulfilling morning:

  • I cant seem to get up as early as I want to. I dont know if its a problem with my preparation before I go to bed, a problem in my head thats just lingering and keeping me from getting up when I want to, or just plain exhaustion, but it bothers me. I had it going pretty well in the early fall. Then again, I was more active in the early fall – maybe thats part of it. Hmm….
  • I tried to use my house key on both locks of my office door this morning. That did not make me very happy.
  • I finally got through to the LA Court to schedule a hearing, only to be told that the computer was having trouble and couldnt process my ticket. I called right back, but then there were too many people in the queue to talk to an operator and the system hung up on me. Then it was busy again. Im getting arrested and thrown in jail, I know it.
  • I finally have scripts to read, but theyre yet more testing because CT has already read both and has an opinion on them. Ack! I just want a simple yes or no already, not a third job!
  • There are some entrepreneurial thoughts running around in my little head that I cant really articulate, but suffice it to say that because of them, doing a day job seems like more of a waste these last couple weeks than it usually does. Maybe Im just getting antsy because I forget what its like to be unemployed….
  • Im off to start the day.