So here I am, working with Dani on DeckPros, and while shes mocking something up for view, Im working on the MWS coupon that Im going to send out in the morning. Exciting, isnt it? Okay, you may not be psyched, but there are opportunities here that Im only beginning to explore.

In other news, Ive been working my ass off at work for the last few days, and at risk of sounding like a broken record, Im sick of it. Ive got a call or two to make tomorrow, but I dont think Ill hear anything either way, unfortunately. Followup only ever helps a guy, though, I guess. Anyway, Im not doing much of anything to report, otherwise, unfortunately. If I was, Id post the detailed play-by-play for you, complete with all the dirty pictures.

Okay, Im going back to consulting on design work. And working on homepages. And adding products. Woooo.