My favorite holiday is becoming a bah-humbug! Oh no!

Its weird, because the last few years have been underwhelming, and yet I still think of Halloween as my favorite holiday. Last good party, though, was DiscoD in like 2003 (2002?), and thats just too long. Last year was weird, this one promises to be, well, nothing, and thats just unfortunate. Somehow, the lack of mid-level parties happening this weekend (mid-level being fun, not pretentious, but also not 8 people in an apartment in the valley) seems to speak to some of my issues with LA. I think, were I a thesis-writing man, I could really put together a strong thesis with connections between the mystery of the disappearing people and the lack of halloween parties that someone like me can/wants to go to, tying it all together somehow. Dunno how, cause I havent written the thesis yet.

Anyway, if plans materialize, Im ready with guns blazing. If they dont, Ill get some tech consulting done and write rent checks. Gotta look for apartments, too. Im sick of the unsettled feeling that I get every time I walk into my place. Living like this through the winter into the spring is filled with the type of lameness previously known only to those that travel by knuckle cart.

I feel like an update about dinner and the clubs and all that at this point would be sort of dumb, so Ill refrain. Suffice it to say that I had a good week an da great weekend. More later.