Heids of Liverpool

Heids of LiverpoolSo I know most of you know it, but I was in Syracuse last weekend with Emily and her housemates. We had a Heids Hot dog (oh yes we did…) and went to the Carousel Center. Fixed up the wireless, too, so Emily can get online when her computer isnt acting up. She had some people over, and her roommate was like Big Ben, calling out how long till my birthday in hours, then minutes as the time approached. It was funny, because every time hed yell out how many minutes, Id have no idea what he was talking about for about 10 seconds, then it would click. He knew my birthday better than I did. Also, some guy that we had to have met in the bar recognized us on the street on Sunday morning and I was shocked, because he said “Hi!” all friendly-like. Not that thats a bad thing, just strange.

I went to my first class since my Junior year at UMBC on Monday, and it was 100% more useful than just about anything that I DID do on the odd occasions when I did attend class there – a production class that was actually about production. Shocking. In some ways, I really wish Id gone to a bigger, more commercial school. In others, I laugh at the nonsense that goes on beurocratically, and understand that all the training in the world doesnt get you that first job.

I actually didnt leave until Tuesday at like nine when Emily has her first class of the day. It was a good time, and something that I really should do more often than once every two years. Thanks for having me around, Em.