What a weird few days! After I bought my tickets, I found out that my check would be held for five business days (did anyone notice that banks are closed on Columbus Day? Probably only if youre waiting to pay your car payment and dont want to be late). Thats lame, but at least I already bought the tickets.

In weekend news, I went to a bar called The Bar on Friday night after dinner with Kelley, and it turned out to be cool, low-key and within walking distance, although I dont think Id make anyone else walk there, because I like to walk. Saturday night continued the trend of new bars, when I went to a bar called Tiki-Ti, which might have the honor of being the smallest drinking establishment Ive ever visited. It was like ridiculous-tiny and only served chick drinks, although Im sure I could have gotten straight vodka if Id wanted it. Sunday, the Eagles got CRUSHED and I dont even want to talk about it, read about it, or think about it until the 23rd when they play again. Hopefully, I can just enjoy the games next week while the Eagles have their bye week. Man did THAT suck.

The only thing keeping me watching the game, actually, was the fact that I spent the second half cutting up apples for applesauce. Yay for fall and homemade applesauce! At $.39/pound, you cant go wrong, right? I mean, you have to have the time to cut up apples (which takes HOURS), but then you can let them simmer for like six hours and leave them pretty much alone. I have some one my desk right now, actually. This first batch is a little water-y, but pretty good, as the first sauce of the season goes.

I also got my eBox back up and running after more than a year of downtime. It had all sorts of problems, but the main one seemed to be a bad motherboard, because no matter which processor I swapped in, the thing just would not boot. Also, the SB card was causing some sort of trouble as well. I ended up cannabalizing my old system (which had the bad sound card, actually) to make the new, leaving me with my old 30G system drives that were SUPPOSED to be the start of the fileserver. Anyone remember THAT? Yeah, me either. Damnit. Oh for the time to spare.

This week is pretty much “get Matt ready to leave” time, as Im at work SO GODDAMN MUCH that I have to use most of my “spare” time planning on dinners, car rentals, moving money from place to place, etc. Also, I really should nail down where well eat and all that, too. Ah, planning. I love it so much!

Okay, this is getting really long without actually saying anything, so Ill stop. Thanks for reading.