No specific Eagles-related update on clapboard this weekend, nor a travel-specific update, because Katie was in town and I didn’t get anywhere near my computer all weekend. The following are quick bullet points, which should be followed later today by a few selected pics from the trip.

  • Vegas:
    Las Vegas has a lot of potential. Matuyas sisters wedding was short, and the rest of the night was chill. I did get to crash a dinner that definitely was costing like $100/plate, so I felt bad about that, but at least the food was good. Otherwise, theres nothing to report. Unfortunately, theres not even any debauchery to not report here, but the place clearly has potential, even if only for losing me large sums of money.
  • Saturday, we drove back to LA. Katie and I stopped in Calico Ghost Town, which was a little weird, but kind of cool. I took a few pics, but didnt get any of the tiny chipmunks running around everywhere, despite their ubiquity. Shame, cause they were cute.
  • Caught LORD OF WAR on Saturday afternoon, which was interesting. It was a little slow (I want a movie called LORD OF WAR to have more viloence in it and less politics, but whatever, the 80s are long over), but moving, and left you with a lot to think about. Or rant about, because it was an extremely political film.

    Saturday night was sushi and then a few minutes at the Dime before illness overtook us (bad hotdog at the Ghost Town? Who knows?) and we went home to watch SIN CITY. At least the sushi was tasty and SIN CITY is always enjoyable.

  • Sunday was the traditional Farmers Market and Griffith Park walk, then some Eagles watching. Even though I missed the first four touchdowns (in the first two quarters), I made it in time to watch the last three. The Birds pretty much blew out the Niners, despite their bad play last week. McNabb played like he had something to prove (and he did, actually) and Reid called plays like the coach that he was last year (which was good, after last weeks moment of idiocy). Good for the Eagles.
  • Sunday afternoon, Katie and I went to see GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS. Dug it. Lots of fighting, although Im not sure I agree with the message. The main GSE guy could have been Brad Pitts younger brother, I think. I have to catch it again, maybe on DVD, before I decide what I think of it. Its good to be seeing movies again. If I didnt have so much to do in the next couple weeks, Id plan to see more movies, for sure. Time, time, time.

These bullet-point updates always take longer to write than I expect them to, but at least I get them out of my system. Photos later, as well as some musing about whats coming up. Busy fall already. Love it.