When you find out that strangers read, or plan to read, your website, theres a moment of disconnect where youre like “Cool…. Wait – whats there for this person to be interested in? They dont know me. I dont offer insight into the human condition. I dont even host pictures of naked girls.” Then you (if youre me) decide that strangers that stumble upon your website either because your friend sold you out as a huge geek at a party or because they mis-clicked in a search for hot naked celebrities will just take one look at the monochromatic theme and the words-heavy style and leave anyway, so theres no reason to stress.

But you still feel naked when a girl is writing down the address of your website rather than your phone number. Its like a dream where youre naked but you dont know how you got that way or how youll get out of the situation with any shreds of your dignity. Its tough being a geek, I guess.