So this is the project matrix. My goal has been to have the first three boxes checked on six projects by the end of the year, and I’m actually notably farther away from that than I thought I was. I got some good stuff accomplished in the two times Tinnie and I got together and seriously considered our writing, but since then, I’ve been a stagnant, overflowing cesspool of half-finished thoughts. Putting my lack of progress in black and white like this is both depressing and inspiring, because I really felt like I had more X marks than I do, but I feel like I can bang a few out without that much work. Now its just time to shut up and produce.

The next matrix I create for these projects will include things like [___Budget] and [___Attachments] and maybe even [___Financing]. I also have to consider adding older projects to this matrix because I don’t have top contenders for low-budget filming on here, namely Oral Pleasures and Patron Project. I could fill in quite a few boxes for those, at least.

What do you think? Am I missing anything? Am I the worst project-namer of all time, or what?