Russ Hammonds and Lauren (Gold) Hammonds – married on Saturday, August 13th, 2005.

  • After taking the redeye out on Thursday night, Kieran and I landed at 6:30 and fell right into the supportive embrace of Sarah (SLP), who was like our handler for the entire weekend. She knew where we were supposed to go and made sure we got there, all in good order and wearing the proper attire. We got into town (Old Saybrook, CT) early, grabbed some breakfast, checked in, swam and layed by the pool, and generally relaxed until it was time for the rehersal dinner. Dinner was tasty (dark, too), and then there was drinks back at the hotel that spilled to a local bar until last call. Good times had by all, as far as I can tell.
  • We actually ended up having lots of time to hang around on Saturday, because wedding photos werent even until 5:30. After hanging by the pool (the CT sun is notably less intense than the same sun in SoCal, I remember), we got dressed, then got our pictures taken getting dressed. Then “official” pictures, and it was time for the wedding. Brad and Kieran were ushers, and I busied myself shoo-ing everyone outside so they wouldnt miss the ceremony. Then we marched in followed shortly by the bride. The ceremony was simple, elegant, and inter-faith, giving equal time to Jesus “love one-another” hippie and the vengeful old-testament God. Good call, from an inter-faith couple.
  • The reception was fun. It went by FAST! I had a great conversation with Russ dad while we were there about the nature of great friendships and the people were lucky to have in our lives. It was nice to be out celebrating the union of two people that anyone would be lucky to count as friends. And, despite the hard sales pitches from me and SLP, we ended up with a crew too small to continue the party elsewhere when the reception came to its inevitable conclusion, but had no less of a good time for the rejection while the party was going. What I didnt know was that the hour or so of extra sleep that the non-afterpartying bought me probably saved my life.
  • Up and out the next morning, I went with SLP to help out with the final departure from the bridal suite. Kieran and Brad left early with Jarrod and Sara to head back to the city, and I was slated to catch a ride with the bride and groom back to the city. After getting my second Dunkin Donuts fix in as many days, I hopped out of the rental at the Delta/Song terminal at JFK. This is 4pm. Mostly, I dont want to talk about everything that happened after that, so suffice it to say that after extending promises for the better part of 7 hours, Delta/Song cancelled our flight, leaving 400 people (including stragglers from an earlier cancelled flight) stranded at the airport at 3:30am. After another hour of waiting and wrangling, useless anouncements and outright lies, the Delta/Song people agreed to get us a hotel room. I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with various airlines (Delta took their phones off the hook after the cancellation announcement, and an hour and a half on hold for the “rebooking” desk didnt yield a representative. at 5:15am, almost to the long-promised hotel room in a 15-pass van, I ended up buying a Jet Blue ticket to Long Beach, as it was the only flight that I could find that got me home during the workday. So $307 later, I had a ticket back to LA and a free ride round trip to the Mariott by the Nassau Collisseum. Fucking Delta/Song. Im FURIOUS.

    Anyway, this is the start of a new week, and Im downloading a massive group of every Mashup I can imagine thats ever been put together. As soon as I shower and get some proper sleep, Im sure Ill feel much better about the world in general. Also, Ill be able to write a great, scathing-but-hopeful letter to the president of Delta/Song in an attempt to get my money refunded. Thats a task for a day when Im not ready to kill everyone involved with the airline and all their kin. Since this update is too long already, Ill talk about more later, but rest assured that pictures will be forthcoming shortly.

    Thanks for reading.