Woke up at just before five am at the end of a vivid dream that I had to declare personal bankruptcy. Couldnt think about sleeping after that, so I got up and got some work done. Good idea, right? Figured Id do a little research from work today, too, but no, my phone rang at 7:30 and it was our IT guy saying that I had a virus on my machine somehow and that he was going to have to take the box. Not good! I rushed into work, got here at quarter of 8, in time to keep the machine here so I could get everything off of it. The boot record is all smashed, though, so I cant get back online. I know I can get the thing reformatted and save the data that I had, but what a friggin PITA. And I think the virus might have auto-activated from within a .zip file that I hadnt opened yet. I don;t know for sure, though, and wont until i get the damn thing reformatted. Tomorrow AM now? Who knows?

No work done today, thats for sure. Nothing creative, either. Im even behind on the stuff I do here, which is lame, because I hate being behind on this stuff because it makes me look bad. Rrr. Ah well. At the end of the day, Im just going to leave and not worry about it. That seems to be the answer.