• Scott and Sharon: Married
  • Megan and Ket: Engaged*
  • Mom: Seen
  • Friends: Visited
  • Ideas: Germinated
  • M&Ks pool: Lounged around
  • Cats: Entertained/Frightened
  • Airplanes: Flown

And I’m back to LA! Landed at almost exactly 11pm last night, PST, and got home in time to get some of my stuff away before passing out for the night. Dropped off film this morning on the way in to work, and here I am, tired, but happy nonetheless.

I got to see Becca twice, her boy Dave, a lot (but never enough) of Scott and Sharon, Krol, Meg, and Ket, as well as a bunch of people from college that I haven’t seen in six years. Fantastic. My mom even came down on Sunday, which was super-cool, and despite the fact that she doubtless spent more time in the car than with me, it was fun.

Being back in the saddle means writing, catch-up with friends (hopefully) and meetings, maybe, as well as a weekend trip to Hearst Castle, I think, before long. I should have pics by the end of the day, so maybe I can do some posting tomorrow. Well see.

Thanks to everyone that came out, invited me out, and made the effort to be around this weekend. It was really a great weekend all the way around.

* If youre reading this, you probably know that this particular engagement is a little different than most, and its exciting and momentous for different reasons, but its fantastic by any title.