“Somebodys getting married…”

and I’m going, finally. I’m ticketed (to the tune of $500), and ready to go. Tomorrow night, I take off for DC. Yay! That’s all there is now. My $5mil movie project drinks cancelled tonight, but well reschedule for Tues or Weds next week. Maybe by then I’ll have a plan of attack and be brilliant!

Sharon wanted me to point out that it is, indeed, she, Sharon, who is getting married. Sharon is marrying, getting hitched, engaging in the act of holy matrimony. Sharon is getting married. And shes marrying Scott.

And, to prove that no request on Clapboard goes unpunished, check out the newly-posted picture of Sharon below – complete with her future husband (who deserves none of this, but since hes marrying her…) in frame. I think its cute.