…its just another manic monday.

This weekend did, indeed fly by – Steves birthday on Friday led immediately into an early morning on Saturday (so he could get to work), some work on my part for MWS and SBN, and then, suddenly, it was afternoon. I went shopping with Casey, then we went to the old Italian place and had a tasty dinner. Sunday started late, but then there was volleyball with Casey and Tinnie, as well as a couple of Tinnies friends. Besides my serve being not very good, everything seemed to work out. I had a couple hits, a couple blocks, and mostly just played the game. Now I just have to play more, esp. given that its already the end of June practically. Yeesh.

Tonight is the Land of the Dead screening, which I do not wish to attend, but Ill probably make it out that way anyway, because there are politics involved and people to talk to. Besides, LotD might not suck. Maybe.