Batman: BeginsEven though it didnt start till 10:30 last night, there was a line around the block for Batman Begins. It was really something. I think they nailed it with this one – probably the most satisfying Batman ever, and the best comic book movie since the original Spiderman. I applaud the fact that the filmmakkers made a movie with a real “DC” feel to it, and managed to make it so dark with only a PG-13 rating. Kudos. Complaints were that the thing was about 10-15 minutes long – it could have benefitted from a little trim from the beginning, every scene involving the Bat-Tank and judicious use of the splicer to get rid of the fact that EVERY SINGLE COP the bat tank passed had basically the same witless response.

Scarecrow was genuinely creepy and I liked Liam Neesons character as a very human villain. The League of Shadows is straight out of the comic books, too, right? I also like how real Gotham looked. Nice touch.

Got out at 1:15, walked home, went to sleep. Tired this morning, but mostly just lacking in the fortitude to get up early and force my hand this morning. I have a lot to do and have to work harder to get it all done. Hmm.