Man. Its been awhile. It doesn’t feel like much has happened, actually, so I’ll make bullet points as I try to ramp back into writing. I miss it, but it always feels like its going to spiral into some nonsense, so I wait. And I wait. And here we are.

  • Friday night I put together Tinnie’s bookshelf and laid out plans for her desk. Then we went to Geisha with one of her co-workers and drank sake. Yum.
  • Saturday, Tinnie again, this time for some volleyball after some much-needed food at Barney’s Beanery. The VBall didnt last as long as Id have liked it to, but its better than nothing.
  • Sunday was busy: Farmers Market, a hike to the top of Griffith Park, Lynwood’s housewarming, then Volleyball with Casey (a girl that interns with Isha). We caught MR & MRS SMITH afterwards, which I kind of enjoyed, despite the fact that it should have been rated R.
  • Last night was writing session #1 with Tinnie, of our theoretical bi-weekly meetings, but well see what happens. That happened at Stir Crazy, a coffee shop that was actually pretty cool. (Reminded me of the one in Media. What was that called?) We’ve already canceled meeting #2. Not good
  • Left my credit card at The Whiskey Bar for some reason. Thought I put it back in the wallet, but must’ve missed it. I wasn’t even drunk. Lame.

And that just about does it. I added links to everything because I found myself halfway through being all “why the hell am I dropping all these proper nouns? They don’t mean anything unless you’ve been here.” And then I got the bright idea that most of these places have websites. I’m a friggin’ rocket scientist, me. What I really should do is start a photobucket where I link to photos of people in my life as I type their names. Wouldn’t THAT be awesome? Maybe I should do it.
edit: I forgot:

  • I felt my first earthquake since I was in LA on Sunday morning. It was small (5.2), but I felt it. It was at like 8:45, just as I was getting up to start my day.

That is all. I’m also putting in a picture of the Hollywood Bowl, just from my phone, in case anyone is interested.