My one-sentence review:
Star Wars was one good rewrite away from being an excellent ending to the saga; as it stands, it was an enjoyable film with enough good points to keep me from being disappointed.

Ill put a potentially spoiler-ridden review below, so click read more to see that. This’ll probably take all day, unless I get tired of writing. When you’ve seen it, comment below if you want to let me know what YOU thought.

So Star Wars 3. Fun flick. Anytime a lightsabre duel was happening, the movie was great, and that goes for the ridiculous four-on-one battle that Obi Wan has with Greivous. The chase scene that follows that was long as hell, though, and pretty much got us nowhere.

Anakin’s descent to the dark side was sort of jerky. I don’t feel that some of the supposedly-compelling moments worked well enough to make me believe what he was doing. Learning the Dark Side to save Padme was a good idea, but its execution was a little abrupt and lacked a little bit of the gravity that i think it needed. Killing Count Dooku at the urging of Sidious was awesome, though, and a perfect moment early on to make you see just what was happening. I would have liked some Force-related tie to killing the apprentice, as if killing a sith apprentice in cold blood somehow tied you to the sith lord he served. I don’t know.

Possibly the only strength that the first two movies shared (besides lightsabre duels) was the politics. They managed to be subtle and complex in movies that were neither of those things. This movie failed to follow in the none-too-lofty pathway of its brethren, however, because the politics… (the Chancellor just announces that they’re going to have an Empire now? Everyone seemed awfully supportive of that without much by way of “uh, what?” factor. Not good. There are historical examples to pull from, even – I don’t want to even start giving examples, but if you have a loyal clone army at your back).

Anakin’s final moments are priceless, lying legless and burning on the shores of a lava river as Obi-Wan yells about having loved him. Its excellent to see them building Vader, and as he steps off the gurney, you want to yell in your best Frankenstein voice “Its ALIVE!!!” Too cool to be silly, but barely.

Anyway, I liked the movie. You should see it and tell me what you think.