I made it back from the NYC. Landed last night at 12. Home and asleep before one. Id be a lot more tired right now if cabs werent such great places for sleeping. I took a total of five cabs this weekend and slept during four of those rides. Couple that with sleeping on two of two plane rides, and I did a lot of sleeping in odd places over the past 48 hours.

Friday night was weird – my plane didnt leave until 10:30, so I had a lot of time to kill on my own. After the massive stress of the first half of the day, I dont think my body quite knew what to do with itself, so I sort of waffled about everything and ended up going to grab a bite to eat at Jerrys Deli down the street and leaving from there for the airport. Everything about the flight was uneventful, including the bulkhead, which, since it wasnt an exit row, wasnt really any better than my non-exit row on the way back, because I didnt have a row in front of me under which i could stretch my feet. American was generally good to me, though, so I think Ill fly with them again.

I cant believe Ive made you read this far just to read about the friggin weekend. Sorry about that. I worked. Almost all of it. Went to Brooklyn on Saturday night and hung out with Mike and Heather at the old place until the whole cadre of people came out to Brooklyn to show their love. Kim and her boyfriend Jordan came out to dinner, then Russ and Lauren and Jeannette and her friend (whose name, I unfortunately forget, despite the fact that he was a cool guy) all came out and met us at the Wicked Monk (whose website is gone). I couldnt make it too late, as I was dead tired, but we did stay oit till after 2am and didnt have the lights turned on at 1:45 or anything.

Sunday started much later than I thought it would, and we got bagels at Bagel Boy (yay!) before I went back into the city. The work we did turned out to be useful immediately, as products we added to the website Saturday afternoon sold out before noon on Sunday. Thats a good feeling. Now I have a lot to concentrate on that I believe will empower more people to purchase on the web. Yay for that.

This week is all about getting taxes done (for me and everyone else, right?) and getting the license stuff dealt with. Gotta move money thats not mine someplace that I can use it. I dont like that very much. Gotta figure out a way to live within my means, and working more seems to be the way to do that.