Like that song from the late 90s or whenever…. I cant even remember.

Emily and Spoti got into Philly okay after their ass-oclock departure from Los Angeles Intl Airport. Their last few days were as eventful as their first few days – they rode the subway down to Long Beach, had a long lunch with me on Thursday, we went out for St. Pattys day, and stayed out entirely too late. Yesterday was the “two-hour-of-sleep marathon,” during which I tried really hard to keep my tiredness from manifesting itself in a bad mood. I managed, but not without near-misses. Lets just say that Im happy that I didnt have to take chairs anywhere at like 7pm. Weird.

Drew lands tomorrow, a fact which I find very exciting – I love having visitors. I have nothing planned, though, because I have no damn clue what his schedule is going to be. Unlike Em & Spoti who came for vacation, D is coming to work, and work on Physics, no less, so I have no idea when hes going to be available or what hes going to want to do. Well be playing it by ear, which is fine with me.

Speaking of ears, another annoyance of my cell phone is that the earpiece broke my second day with it, and im forever trying to get it seated correctly in my weird-shaped ear. Annoying. Couple that with the fact that I have phantom-earpiece syndrome for ten minutes after I take the thing out, and something definitely needs to be done. I wonder if the phantom-earpiece problem, the phantom-ring problem and my general hallucinations have anything in common.

Click read more to see four bad pics I took of the girls with the camera in my cell phone. Ghetto, but its what I had. Gotta take more pictures. Ill put more up when the girls get theirs developed.