but I do consider myself ethnically-amenable.

What does this have to do with anything? I dont know. Ive been thinking about it recently, what with the lack of planned travel in my future right now and other influences in my life in various ways. What does it take to be worldly? Do you have to have travelled a lot? Does travelling make you worldly, or do you need other things working? How does wisdom, attention to detail, open-mindedness, etc., work into the whole definition?

Whatever. The weekend was slow (good-slow, not lame-slow), but I worked on Saturday night, so I made a little money with which to purchase foodstuffs and such when Emily is here. Not that Ill have any left by the end of the weekend, pants-purchases, $450 worth of tire and a pair of books later, I realize that even my cheap weekends are insanely expensive. What the hell, right? This week is all about getting ready for Emily (and, by extension, Drew), pretty much, and maybe getting a little work done on the script re-write. Oh, how I hate re-writing. Maybe Ill just leave the house a mess and play video games with my free time until Em & Spoti come. Well just have to see.