ha! Youd think this would be an update about work. Youd think Id be complaining about hours or whining about duties, but NO! Not in this update. This is something entirely different, something that I used to do long ago, something that Id like to bring back. This is an update on various writing projects in my head that Im grinding away on.

  • The Superhero Revisionism script is going well. I banged out a few more pages in the airport on the way home and I think Im finding a rhythm.
  • Drew and I hashed out the idea for the latest story idea that were working on. We really need to get a treatment written because I inadvertantly garnered some interest, now Id like to follow through.
  • Ive got plans to write a detailed treatment for an adaptation that Id love to write. Someone at work knows guys who own the rights, so I might be able to realistically get the thing in front of people that can do something with it. Excellent.
  • I still have the ability to write coverage, which is excellent (although Im not writing any this morning) because I need the money. I also think I can pass along some work as things get more intense.

    Russ is writing, too, which excites me, even if he doesnt visit here. Now I have to go and pick up pictures that I dropped off this weekend. Thanks for reading.