So I had my irst real weekend in a long time and it was pretty great. I barely left the house and I dont regret it. Saturday, I spent much of the day low-crawling around in the attic (after buying a new shower curtain liner and curtain rod condom at Bed, Bath and Beyond) trying to figure out how I was going to run wires for the DTS setup. I finished, and the room sounds 100% better. Its very cool – now, both rear speakers are near ceiling height and theyre sounding amazing. I put in a jack for a rear center channel, but wont be able to take advantage of that until I can afford some new matching rear speakers. Thats going on the long list of things to consider getting after the holidays are over.

Speaking of holidays, I have the week between Christmas and New Years off, which rules, although I cant fly out till Thursday night. Thats going to make last-minute christmas shopping pretty tough, but I think Ill manage by planning ahead better, if I can keep my focus during the next 2 weeks or so. Well see how it goes.

Anyway, Im finished with my 2-egg omlette this morning (and god am I full – why is breakfast so important?), and the time to depart approaches. I watched football all afternoon yesterday and did a little cleaning (a very little, but still) before going to bed early. Ive been sleeping like a champ these last few days and I dont know why. I havent been getting nearly enough accomplished, but the fact that Im getting anything done at all is a testament to the fact that at least Im trying.

Last, but not least, The Class of Nuke Em High really, really sucked. I cant imagine why I got such a kick out of it in middle school, except, perhaps, because I could imagine middle-school kids making the movie. Impressively bad.