There are distinct advantages to being unemployed. I dont know if I frequently enough extoll the virtues of the lifestyle Ive been leading. I complain about money (not inappropriately, as one needs coin of the realm to live these days), but I do have the freedom to be wherever I want whenever I want – it keeps life interesting. It was great to see my mom and my sister – theyre so cool. Living at Drews place has its advantages, too. I have a bike to ride, a couch to sit on, and I even have a brother to hang out with. Big things. The bonus is that I get to see them all again in a few weeks for Christmas.

So I start my new gig tomorrow – well see if that makes me into a responsible member of society. Its doubtful, I guess, but itll be interesting to have a schedule and somewhere to report every morning. Very much not my style, but a very good idea for someone my age to have a job, I think. I wonder if Ill have to make a “work” category. Probably not, because I bet that itll get so routine after a few days that Ill be uninterested in updating about work. Well see.

Whole days have gone by here that inspire me to work on my house, too. Ive been looking around at Drews place and marvelling at how “settled” he seems, how much his home resembles a place that someone lives. Its marvellous. Ive been given a new lease on ideas for things to do and ways to do them – all of which will instantly be crushed when I start working because my soul isnt used to the yoke and will shrivel under the strain of living a normal lifestyle – but its nice to dream.

Anyway, I fly home from Houston today and start work tomorrow. Ill definitely update about how things are going, and whether they fire me because I cant make coffee to save my life. Well just have to see.