Heres a strangely fitting use of the Cornucopia topic heading for once. Thanksgivings tomorrow, and I actually will be spending much of the day today in preparation for the feast. Im making Gingerale Salad for the first time ever (yay for me!) and helping with whatever else I can be useful with. Yay for progressive choices on Thanksgiving, right?

The flight Monday night was easy, and only delayed a tiny bit. Good stuff. Drew and Aaron came to pick me up at the airport and sally me forth unto their abode. Yesterday, we mostly shopped for some Thanksgiving supplies, ate various foods and played videogames. We also push-started his dead-battery bike yesterday, which was cool because it was easy, and rode around a little bit in the immediate area to check its road worthiness. Good, relaxing stuff. Its good to be hanging out with my brother in his element (but next time, hes coming to visit me), too. Also, hes got a sweet-ass condo.

Otherwise, nothing doing. No writing yet, very little web work, and thats okay, because this is sort of the last blast vacation before I really hunker down and learn the ropes of the new one and commit to finishing the MWS one. The spamming seems to have stopped, meaning that I was right about how it was happening, and thats a good thing. Time for me to go hunt down some breakfast, and maybe find Houstons only Dunkin Donuts, too.