So Ive been in quite the bad mood over the last few days – thats definitely why I havent updated or called anyone back or anything. I dont know whats going on with me, but the hospitalization of my roommate sucked, work has sucked, even though I havent been going there very much these days in a vain effort to get something else that will actually pay the bills (and it might be working, but well have to see about that), and money has sucked, as I have none of it.

The rain, however, has been wonderful, as has the fact that its been in the low sixties at night ( says 51 right now – awesome!). Ive been covering scripts for One Entertainment, which, if I can add it to my stable of things I do to make money, will be very good for me. Im getting worried about paying my consulting taxes this year because Ive spent every dime Ive made, and have nothing saved to offset the taxes that I havent paid, which is a nightmare. If I can get a real job, I should be in better shape, but well see if that ever happens.

Whatever, I still check my own website 30 times a day (look up narcissism in the dictionary and youll find a picture of me, looking in the mirror), and I *think* about updating, but then I sigh and think, “what the hell will I say?” Im off to read a script on rush before I go sell my soul to get a job. My soul is cheap these days, too, in case youre in the market for one. Hardly used, no dents, no scratches.