Saw Jet Li in Hero before dinner tonight. Liked it, was left with desire to know more about history and structure of Wu-Xia (spelling?) legend, because there were plenty of storytelling conceits that I had to consciously accept, and I just wanted to watch.

Saw I heart Huckabees after dinner tonight. THAT left me thinking that thinking about this particular movie too much ruins what was otherwise a pretty entertaining movie. Dont think. Just laugh at the 9 year old with the goatee and handlebar mustache. Interesting intro to opaque philosophy.

Havent finished the treatment, meeting is tomorrow. Ill get up early and type, even though its late already. Im not tired, but I must sleep. I think I need to start taking pills to sleep and then to wake like old-time movie stars. Then I can force things onto my already-unnatural schedule. This is a good idea. More on this later.