…and about how I need to make a work category, but I guess I previewed, but never posted it. Weak.

So Ive tested DVD menus for 3 days now. its really something to behold, like 10 people in a room all switching DVDs in and out of players, messing with menus, comparing notes. The job isnt fun, not at all, but there is a good moment during the day when youre working happily along and the three Sony players in your rack of 16 or so machines all open at once from some errant IR bouncing to them.

Whatever, work is dumb, especially since at the end of the month, Im still going to be losing money.

Played VBall today, dumb, too. I played really badly – no excuse, really, except that I suck. Im going to try to get down there more, because I wish I wasnt the guy that always lost. Id just like to have a fighting chance of winning when I got on the court. I still love the sport, but Im getting to hate how bad I am. Geh. Happy Bastile day. Im off to bed.