Im putting this under the polls category because this post is entirely reliant upon community input. Im getting a little sick of the 20 CDs Ive had in my car since my trip to Houston in December, and would like to supplement them with some new material. I want your input–what material should that be?

Ive checked out some old Lords of Acid because I heard someone spin something that reminded me of living at Browns Terrace with Krol blasting it upstairs all the time, Ive got the Beasties new album, Alanis new thing, and that silly D12 album whose single was so fun for about five minutes. Im going to get some Johnny Cash because it reminds me of my dad, and because its cool to listen to Johnny Cash when youre sitting by yourself working on geeky internet crap. Il also thinking about getting a little more jazz, although I dont really know where to start. Mostly, though, Im looking for fun driving tunes because this is LA and we drive the shit out of our stereos (and cars, too, I guess) here.

Thats all for now. Give me input love below. I know its the holiday weekend so youre all out barbequeing, but Ill be checking periodically to see if theres any feedback. Thanks!