Today I slept until 11am. After some days of not sleeping well at all and after being up till 3 last night, it was time for some sleeping. It was nice. This was the first time I havent ventured to Starbucks first thing after I wake up since Ive been here. Weird.

I did some errands, bought more business card sheets (people have to be able to contact me, right?) and blank CDs (music, programs, mostly builds of linux that dont work for some reason), went to the post office and had no mail (sad) and thats about the size of it. I almost finished my book, but was interrupted by this girl with a singleminded obsession with getting headshots done by this scam artist, and no matter what, she just repeated the same six phrases over and over. It was weird. When I tried to go back to reading, thinking things were dying down, shed say one of her six things in the form of a question to draw me back in. Weird.

I work tonight (my last friday night of working, I guess), and look forward to going to the beach tomorrow. I want to play vball and I want to go swimming and I want to get some sun and today was the first day in a week thats been more sunny than cloudy. Ive had a weird relationship with food in the last few days, being constantly hungry but not for anything specific at all, and anything I do eat makes me less satisfied than I was before and vaguely ill. Stupid. I dont know what to read next, although I look forward to the opportunity to sit in a bookstore figuring it out. Any thoughts? Im off to finish my book and then get something to eat that invariably wont satisfy me, but will keep my body doing its thing till at least tomorrow when i repeat the process.