img_0005Oh yes. And you have to stare at my racoon eyes. This picture doesn’t really do them justice, but it’s good enough to give you the idea of how terrifying I look. There’s a story behind this, though–ready?
Steve, operating on Kauffman-time, took 3.5 hours to get up to Santa Monica, during which time, I got engrossed in reading a book and waiting for my phone to ring. It didn’t ring soon enough, and now I look like this. Fun.

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…MO 2016_1114

The rest of the day was fun, though, and it was good to see Steve. Shrek2 was just one cultural reference after another at a blinding pace. They almost came fast enough to make me forget that the plot was a little too weak for its own good. That said, I’ll definitely see it again, even if only on DVD, just to catch all the references. After the movie, we wen back down to the beach, then wandered around town, noticing that it was more like Santa Media on a Wednesday night – everything was closed! We did manage to find a place with food and beer, and closed out the night that way.

Today, I sent 5 resumes for various assistant positions, and will come back this afternoon to send more. I doubt I’ll hear anything (I have yet to hear anything from any of the resumes I’ve sent), but one of them was for an assistant (PA? We’ll have to see) in an office that produces porn.
[tangent]So, when I was in high school and told people that I was going to college to major in movies, everyone (and I mean everyone) told me “don’t make porno flicks, man” or something to that effect. Friends, their parents, strangers, everyone. And now, here I am, sending a resume to a porn place. Everyone would be so disappointed if they decided to call me.[/tangent]

I’ve almost 100% decided to stay in the hostel for at least a month. I can stay there for $450 (if I can get a roommate, that is), and have only one roommate and the ability to sort of settle in. It’s about that damn time, let me tell you. I’m getting irritated that I’m not living anywhere, but staying here will allow me to pay bills a little longer without getting a real job and afford me the freedom of sending 5-10 more resumes a day for a little longer. Steve thinks I could make some money selling cars, but I don’t think I’d do that unless I was doing it with him–then things would be out of control.

If you click the read more link, you can see three more 640×480 pics of my hostel’s common room. I think I’m going to start taking pictures of my hostel-mates and posting them here, too. We’ll see.
I know this update was a long time coming, but there’s really nothing happening in my life, and it’s depressing to continually update about nonsense. I’m off to do some laundry and maybe check my mail. We’ll see if I feel like walking down there.’, ‘