So today has been about house hunting. Payoffs from yesterdays walkabout (I spent hours walking all over town calling every number with a listed vacancy) came in the form of two morning meetings, both ill-fated and unfortunate in their own way. First was an overpriced place whose size was right, second was a well-priced place that was too small and spare in an unfortunate section of town. I have another meeting later this afternoon, then I branch out to the hills of North Hollywood and the surrounding areas. I think Ill have better luck there in terms of space and amenities (for $850 or $900, Id like a pool and A/C and a dining room and big closets and maybe a porch), but I dont want to give up the Hollywood address without a fight. I like the idea of walking places when Im not working. Ahh, whatever.

I received all manner of goodies yesterday, facilitating my eating nothing but junk food for a few days (yay for my weird ability to eat tons of junk food when what I really want to do is get in shape). All I need is some beer and my unhealthy lifestyle will be complete. Somehow, I view moving into a new place as the start of a life where I can focus on my health, especially considering how unhealthy life in the hostel is.

Lastly, I filled in for Brad at work last night, which netted me a hundred bucks. Thats good news, although Brads illness is unfortunate. I think hes better today, so maybe Ill go visit him at work. It was a simple matter of working the door and checking IDs, which made me feel like I should be working out all the time in order to be in better shape. If I had that job regularly, Id have a massive inferiority complex or else Id work out all the time when I wasnt at work.

More later on weirdness from the new book Im reading (Gibsons new paperback) and the script Im writing (page 83 with the framework complete, but missing two threads that will help fill it out). For now, Im just checking last-minute CL housing listings and tolling news sites for midday snippets of info.