finally back in the NYC – Im a happy guy. Im mired knee deep in the problems of servers right now, but thats okay – at least things are getting done. Im a little afraid of how hard it is going to be to get my money back from my current hosts (considering that theyve pulled all their contact information from the website and theres very little recourse other than checking the website), but Im going to perservere. Im just dedicated.

The trip back from London was pretty easy – long, but completely non-dramatic. Im glad to report no disasters since Ive returned, and the last few days in London were simple and fun. I even saw the Rosetta Stone. Honestly. It was really cool seeing the ancient characters of Egyptian Heiroglyphs just above some basically-readable Greek script – like a window into history. Also, the Elgin (Pantheon) marble is still in London, although I hope that soon, itll be back to its original city. Maybe that was my last opportunity to see it without being in Athens? 2500-year-old sculpture is pretty amazing.

Okay, time to get on with things here. Maybe some lunch, maybe some phone calls. If youre anywhere on my route to LA (or near it), drop me a line cause Id love to meet up with you on my voyage.