This trip just keeps em coming.

Just when I think its clear sailing, more problems smack me in the face. This goddamn internet thing is keeping me forever reeling, as my sites are spending more time down than up. If youre having problems, please e-mail me, as I have no way to contact YOU anymore (after the theft of my bag a month ago). I know of at least a couple people who havent gotten in touch with me again after the blackout.

I got to drive the other day. That was good. The rest of the day was so bad that I dont want to talk about it, though, so lets leave it at yet another Europe 04 disaster. Were going to try to make Windsor Castle today (even though its easter, they swear that theyre open…), so of course, Im wondering what terrible fate awaits this endeavor.

If you can read this, its good news. If theres anything you need, let me know. Ive gotten pretty proficient at troubleshooting the problems over here, and Im now checking my mail twice a day or more, just on reflex, in case of more problems. Im sincerely sorry for the disaster, and I promise to raise hell on your behalf (if you were affected, too, that is) when I get home.