With every meal, I eat pasta and bread. Not just a little pasta, but pounds of it. Before I have the main meal. Im the luckiest guy alive. And its all the sweeter now that its really evil to eat carbs, too. So there, Atkins.

Okay, enough of that.

Basketball was a lot of fun. I did okay, although I now hurt at least a little in just about every imaginable place. It makes me sad that Im not more active. When I get back, Im going to try to do something about it, because it felt good to be out and moving and it feels good to be a little sore, but Im a lot sore–the kind that comes from being out of shape. Weak. Maybe I can even motivate myself to play a little vball. Well have to see.

Yesterday was wine tasting in Tuscany. Have you ever known a luckier boy than me? I somehow doubt it. I didnt buy any wine (although I really wanted to), because money is tight and shipping it home would have been prohibitively expensive. I do know what to look for in a wine store if I want to drink what I tasted, though, and thats kind of cool.

Today, Gabriele had to work on some complex engineering crap, so I worked on my new screenplay for a couple hours. Its coming along nicely, I think, and I might have the first 1/3 done by the time I get home. thats not so bad, considering the situation. Of course, Ill have to enter it all into my computer, but thats okay. Thats the easy part.

Time to go send some e-mails and try to SSH into the one of my servers. I wonder if I remember how to do that. I hope so, cause Ill be able to do some quick edits that I need to do before dinner. Otherwise, its going to be a lot harder, and with my limited time on a computer, thats going to be nearly impossible.